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About Colorado River Flatwater Canoe Expedition through Lake Mead National Rec. Area

Length of trip: 5-6 days
Recommended group size: 12 to 30
Maximum size of Learning Group: 10 students





Peak Performance!™ works directly with the school to identify and develop program content by creating a curriculum that complements the school's goals for the Colorado River Flatwater Canoeing program. As a guide in framing a school’s program goals, we have outlined keys to Peak program effectiveness.

Wilderness camping provides many types of learning activities in which students inevitably find themselves absorbed and deeply invested in outcomes--a perfect situation for learning. At the foundation of Peak Performance! ™ activities are skills crucial for group survival in nature as well as success in life-- communication, problem solving, teamwork, appropriate risk taking, and goal setting.

Peak Performance! ™ programs emphasize significant, positive, lasting changes in individuals and communities. Sample goals that incorporate these philosophies, to be achieved on the Colorado River, include:

  • Educate students in outdoor living and expedition style travel by challenging them physically and mentally.
  • Have a fun and positive outdoors experience in order to foster future learning in, and appreciation of, the natural world.
  • Explore environmental issues pertinent to the area and to the lives of the students.
  • Develop skills in community building and leadership through participation in a true expedition.

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The program includes instruction in desert and riparian ecology, local environmental concerns, expedition travel skills and team building. Unique geological features and human interaction with the local landscape are also studied.

The group is taught various outdoor skills, including set-up/break-down of camp, preparation of meals, and ecologically oriented camp clean-up and waste management while in the wilderness. Activities include plant and animal identification, nature awareness games, interpretive hikes, group initiatives and evening programs that bring closure to the day.

Day 1
Arrive at Lake Mead Nat’l Recreation Area
Introduction and Large Group Opening
“Ice Breaker” Activities
Set up Camp
Large Group Skills Training & Prep
Pack for Departure.
Opening Campfire


Day 2
Break down Camp
Put in at the base of Hoover Dam
Enjoy an afternoon of outstanding scenery
Set up Camp
Evening Activities

Day 3 & 4
Break down Camp
Sightsee, swim and have a blast on the river
with lunch along the way.
Set up Camp
Large Group Activities
Evening Activities/Closing Campfire


Day 5
Break down Camp
Paddle to take-out
Large Group Closing
Farewells and Departure


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