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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Peak Performance do?
Helps individuals and organizations reach higher achievement through fun and effective experience-based training programs.

What kind of groups do you work with?

Peak Performance! helps business, school, church, and non-profit organizations reach higher achievement.

What size groups participate?

We’ve worked with groups from 8 to 3000 people, all to rave reviews.

Where is this training conducted?

Indoors or outdoors, rustic settings to luxurious resorts, and at retreat venues or clients sites. Because participants enjoy it more, most programs include an outdoor component, where possible. Peak Performance! has developed partnerships with many fine resort properties that offer outstanding amenities, breathtaking scenery, and world-class service.

What do you teach?

What the client and our needs assessment indicate the organization needs to reach higher achievement. Performance enhancement for organizations usually involved leadership, teamwork, communications, and community formation. Peak Performance! has developed curricula to augment work by popular management authors like Senge, Covey, Johnson, Jones, Peters, and others.

Does it work?

Clients find enormous increases in morale, productivity, efficiency, and equally important, they work together better, communicate more clearly, enjoy each other more, and feel better about themselves, their teammates, and the organization. Return on investment is a major reason clients return year-in and year-out. An up-front investment pays dividends in all the group’s actions for a long time to come.

Why do your programs work so well?

When participants mind, body, and emotions are actively engaged in the learning process because they’re moving around and having fun in a spectacular setting, learning comes easily. Retention improves dramatically. Groups work together more effectively and efficiently. Productivity and profits increase.

What does “experience-based training” mean?

Fun, engaging activities are used to teach the important lessons for success. Research and common sense show that one person talking while others act like they’re listening doesn’t create good learning or retention.

Are you a “ropes course” company?

Peak Performance! is a nationally recognized training company that uses a number of experiential methods to achieve client objectives. We have become well known for safe, effective, and innovative use of ropes courses where these are the best tools for the job.

How much does it cost?

Because every client is unique, so are the program objectives and the best way to meet those. This requires customized programs that may vary dramatically in cost, due to venue, activities selected, curriculum taught, economy of scale, staffing ratios, etc.

How can I get more information?

Give us your business card, write your contact information on a napkin, send up a smoke signal, or

call us toll-free at 888-875-7325
and let us write down your name and phone number for someone to answer your questions.

Can I have someone contact me?

Absolutely. Let us get your card.