Peak Performance produces great results.
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Leaders Speak Out on Peak Performance's Effectiveness

Company employees have a wonderful time learning how to reach their peak performance.

Tailored programs enable each company to reach specific training outcomes.

Mission accomplished! Successfully completing challenging tasks instill pride in team accomplishments.

Teaching co-workers to trust each other is a vital part of increasing productivity.

Peak Performance offers tailored events designed to build a strong team of employees with a can-do attitude.

"Peak Performance is the most outstanding ’outside resource’ that we have ever used for team building activities. We have utilized the challenge course at Big Bear on several different occasions with every level of management within our organization, and with groups from 10 to 100. [Peak Performance has] always worked with us to get the most out of our dollar, not only while we did the activities, but also in the pre-screening process and the follow up. Another reason I highly recommend and respect the team at Peak Performance is that we have used the challenge course on all our events, but we have requested a different outcome for each group and they develop the program around our desired end result, not their set program. Cedar Lake is also one of the most beautiful places to get away from ’it all’ and learn something at the same time. We have never been disappointed with any part of the programs with Peak Performance and encourage any company to invest in the development of their teams through this Company."

Nanette McWhertor
Chili’s Grill & Bar

"I was impressed with Peak Performance’s integrity--they did what they said they’d do. They worked with me to specify and deliver specific training outcomes--not just entertainment--that transferred to the real business world."

Jane Utsumi
MCI Network Services

"Peak Performance’s choice of teambuilding activities was just right for our group--fun, challenging, and insightful."

Duncan Frederick
Director of Marketing
L.A. Cellular Telephone Company

"Peak Performance’s facilitation of our management retreat was a key factor in the positive reviews we had from our managers who felt it was our best ever."

Theresa Hukari
Vice President
Adventure 16

"Any company should invest in this kind of program! We saw immediate results, and we still get voice mail references to it weekly."

Bob Smiland
Smiland Paint Company

"The benefits you take home in your heart and mind after spending time with Peak Performance are priceless. Peak Performance has delivered wonderful, highly rated programs both times. I highly recommend the programs, their venue, and the staff. I can’t wait to return! The setting at [Peak Performance] is idyllic and rejuvenating. I have personally been there three times and thoroughly enjoyed each visit."

Don Killian
Managing Director
James Econn & Co.

"Team work is essential to success in all aspects of life; Peak Performace embodies that ideal."

Bruce MacWilliams, LA City Camp

"A program that exceeded our chapter’s expectations and definitely was YPO caliber all the way. A definite ten!"

Hal Bennett, CEO
Utility International

"You challenged our group to take risks, realize our potential, and work with one another."

Helen A. Platz
Anheuser-Busch Companies

"I’m still hearing positive feedback from the participants and many are sharing with others the skills and lessons they learned. Your team was most impressive at drawing everyone into the activities, reinforcing ’real life’ lessons, and letting people learn and have fun in a safe environment."

Dianne Dallape
Manager-Marketing Services
GTE Mobile Net

"Your facilitators were insightful, generous, friendly, and extremely helpful to all of us. They created a safe and open environment for all of us to have the opportunity to share. Peak Performance delivers the highest quality take home value to our people. Our associates gave us feedback that Peak Performance is the best educational and training program that we provide."

Dan Terheggan
Consolidated Smart Systems, Inc.

"The day was quite a morale booster for our staff. I believe the retreat increased the cohesiveness of the group, which will then carry over to our weekly meetings."

Lori Boyd, L.C.S.W.
Youth Services Case Manager
Inland AIDS Project

"We all enjoyed learning in this fun and unique method. It taught us teamwork and most of all to trust each other."

Chad Bowman
Leadership Development staff
American Red Cross

"Too often we lead sedentary lives with the body separate from our thinking, and I really enjoyed engaging the whole person in learning some important lessons."

Carol Donato, Participant

"The challenges involved planning and working as a team, trusting that team to come through for each of us. These challenges more than met my expectations, and I felt exhilaration at their completion!"

Betty Malcomb, Participant

"Peak Performance is the only company that when a last minute adventure arises will jump in and get the job done. They live their vision and mission statements. They are transformation in action."

Sandra Murphy

"The program promotes diversity through teambuilding."

Keith Selby
Center Director
San Diego Parks and Recreation

"The challenges you realize and overcome individually and as a team stick; you continue to apply the tools."

Anne Fernandez
Propulsion Technanogy, LLC.

"[Peak Performance] worked with us to understand our needs and expectations, and then tailored the program accordingly. Great feedback from participants."

Peter Waller
YPO Southern California Chapter

"Your work and its effectiveness in bringing our members together certainly exceeded our expectations and helped to make this retreat the best ever."

John Richels
President and CEO

"Without exception, all participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and took from their experience a true sense of teamwork and team spirit. I frequently hear attorneys and staff make references to what we learned that day, and observe the application of that knowledge in day-to-day situations in our office. The activities of the day were downright fun and rewarding, and the level of challenge was just right . . . I highly recommend your program for any business that is looking for a way to build a cohesive team and, in the process, gain an edge on their competition."

Robert S. Brewer, Jr.
McKenna & Cuneo, LLP

"The conference was voted a great success and the teambuilding exercise was just right for our purpose."

Malcolm Crump
Aggregate Industries PLC

"Unequivocally, this will be a weekend that many of our participants will choose to make a benchmark and commit their vision in life to action."

Timothy W. Chamberlain
ALW Leadership Consultants

"Peak Performance met all of my expectations. With energy, personal attention, and specific connections to the corporate scene, Peak trainers built our communication techniques and our confidence to make us better leaders and managers. We look forward to doing more business with Peak Performance in the near future."

Christina Smithberg
Membership Manager
Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB)

"The Peak Performance team did an outstanding job tailoring our event to our mutual client’s very unique needs. Their commitment to the success of the program was impressive and they were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end."

Todd Layton
Operation Altitude, Inc.

"We traditionally have a classroom-style presentation. This interactive event was a refreshing departure, and allowed bureaucrats from all over SoCal  to bond in an informal setting. [Peak Performance is] a kick in the seat of the pants. Two thumbs up!"

Julie Ross
Municipal Management Association of Southern California

"Mark was a great facilitator. Lots of fun, but thought-provoking  and motivating as well! Thanks, Mark."

Linda Sylvester-Bathen
Branch Manager

"When I watched Philip cross the Indiana Jones bridge, I felt a joy not usually associated with co-workers or a business atmosphere. He did not think he could do it - but he surprised everyone - mostly himself. We all surprised each other in one way or another that day."

Christy Paul
Campaigners, Inc.

"Our management team still talks about the great ropes course and  how the two-day experience with Peak Performance improved their ability to work together toward our common goal of  servicing our customers."

Jim Graham
PTO Sales Corp.

"We definitely came back communicating at a higher level, more strongly connected and trusting at a deeper level."

Marsha Aizumi
Opportunities for Learning