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Questions to Ask when Selecting a Training Firm: Due Diligence Before You Buy

Offer a clear, simple, unequivocal guarantee of your results and satisfaction? Was it offered freely instead of you having to ask?
Conduct pre- and post-assessments to make sure you’re working on the right topics and can quantify your success?
Submit a written post-training report with professional recommendations?

Offer proven participant “take-away” material to help them transfer lessons to organizational success?
Use a realistic follow-up plan to maximize retention and get your money’s worth; not a “flash in the pan?"
Have a certificate of accreditation from AEE* to guarantee that an external panel of experts has inspected them?
Curriculum matches specifically identified outcomes for you, not vague generalities?
(content vs. methodology driven)
Have an extensive list of big-name clients which is credible to you?
Make you feel that they are honestly concerned that you make/save dramatically more money than you spend?
Hold national leadership positions and have recognition within the industry?