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Jim Morris, Author of  The Five Insights

Jim Morris The Five Insights by Jim Morris

Jim (James) Morris, author of The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders, has been an innovator in the field of leadership development and organizational transformation for more than 20 years, working with some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. His inspiring and persuasive leadership expertise is grounded in experience managing and leading the nation’s two largest experience-based training and development organizations, working with over 70,000 participants annually.

Jim serves as the Chairman for the Experiential Training and Development Alliance, a professional member organization dedicated to furthering best practices in corporate training and development. He has served on the faculty of Duke University’s Leadership Training Associates and an attendee of the Harvard Business School’s Key Executives program.

Jim Morris Whitewater Rafting Morris believes that most people are capable of becoming effective, enduring leaders if they’re properly taught not just what it takes - The Five Insights- but how to incorporate those Five Insights into their leadership style.

In The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders, Morris explains that in teaching our leaders to run the top companies in the world, we must also instruct and inspire them to lead beyond tomorrow – to successfully shape socially and environmentally responsible corporations and to leave them in the best shape possible for future generations.

Jim lives with his family in the shadow of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado.

Burt Gershater, Author of  No Guts No Love

Burt Gershater Burt Gershater is a motivational speaker and a consultant to corporations, non-profit organizations and collegiate athletic teams. He has been a family counselor for 32 years. He is a spiritual force and a dear friend to many. Burt lives in the mountains of northern Arizona.

No Guts No Love is a book of stories. It is a book of lessons. It is a book that asks hard questions. And it is a book that provides a few answers. Burt Gershater’s stories touch the heart of love without glossing over its complexity. Through powerful personal tales and specific practice lessons, the reader wrestles with and gets closer to what we all want more of —LOVE!

What people are saying about No Guts No Love:
Burt's philosophy appears simple, but the more you delve into it, the deeper it gets. It comes from pain and it comes from love. It's rabbinical in the best sense, like the old stories the Hasids used to tell that delivered courage and guidance in a Zen koan kind of way, or like the parables of Jesus. —Steven Pressfield, author The War of Art and The Legend of Bagger Vance

Burt Gershater

Gershater’s writing is refreshing! He speaks as a father, husband, counselor, competitive athlete, friend and spiritual seeker. He asks ultimate questions, then responds with true stories that transcend “either/or” dualistic answers. No Guts No Love is a graduate course in Twelve-Step spirituality and a guidebook to be our best selves in the world. —Reverend Nancy DeNero, VP of Coalition for Ministry in Daily Life

Page by page, No Guts No Love peels away the protective layers and exposes the common threads of our universal heart. A spiritual journey, combined with practical recommendations for implementation, make this book one to be read and re-read by us all, no matter where, or who we are... —Stephanie Gliege, Fulbright Fellow, International Lawyer and Humanitarian Activist

Bristolcone Learning

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Bristolcone Learning

Bristlecone Learning is an organization development consultancy. They have ferociously loyal clients that trust their thinking. They help you focus on the right things. Build on your strengths. Develop your people.

They work hard with you to get fiercely loyal employees who are engaged and innovative. And that's what makes a company profitable.

What Makes People Get Engaged?
They help leaders answer that question.

Money-making ideas, or discoveries that save companies millions of dollars over time, come from the people closest to the product or service. Effective leaders find ways to enable action.

...It’s about making people proud to say they work here.

Culture Change That Supports Your Strategy: Facilitate deep thinking and wise decisions for the future

Leadership Development: Develop the character traits needed to lead sustainable change

Individual Coaching: Get different and better results

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