Peak Performance conducts customized corporate retreats.
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Corporate Retreats

Effective team building exercises lead to lasting team development.

Our retreats are filled with fun team building games.

Peak Performance conducts year-round outdoor training retreats.

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Team Retreats

The 6 Essential Building Blocks of Teamwork: “Teamwork on a Budget”

Want the Teamwork "Cliff’s Notes®?" How about an introduction to the major components of High Achieving Teams with less time invested? "Building Blocks" is the introductory course that provides a superb foundation for raising the bar for your team’s performance. Communication, Collaboration, Common Goals, Trust and Support, and Celebrating Success - it’s all there. Building Blocks is also great for a "booster shot" review for teams that could benefit from reviewing the basics and re-committing to success a few months after a more comprehensive program.

Moving Beyond Cooperation: “Collaborative Cultures Accomplish More”

Cooperation merely requires a willingness to be dragged along for the ride. Collaboration requires focus on a common goal: mutual success. our Beyond Coperation modules introduce critical team skills and then train your teams to create the elusive "win-win" that many talk about and few achieve.

Expansion Thinking©: “Innovation & Creativity”

Move beyond arguing for your position and join your teams on an adventure into "expansion thinking." These workshops are specifically designed to train your teams in the art of creative participation and innovation. You’ll learn how to tap into the remarkable innovative power of expansion thinking so you can win with better products, improved systems, optimal efficiency, and strategies that are ahead of the competition.

Profiting from Change: “Eliminating Fear”

The future is change. The trick is getting your people to learn how to adapt and progress without missing a beat. Profiting from Change covers the basics of human reactions to change, and then trains your teams in the art of Seamless Adaption©. We’ll help your people stop resisting the inevitable and start using change for competitive advantage.

Mastering the Skills of Change: “How to use change for competitive advantage”

Builds on the Profiting from Change module to move from the awareness phase into the practice and perfection phase. This module reinforces the skills learned in “Profiting from Change,” and acts as an essential bridge to the implementation phase found in Change through Coaching.

Meetings: Fearful or Fantastic?: “Meeting Effectiveness 101”

Do your people dread another meeting or look forward to being motivated? Do they see meetings as mandatory time wasters or eagerly expect to leverage that time for greater results. Let Peak Performance!™ get them in the right mind set to make meetings really work.

Giving Great Feedback: “Internal feedback loops that produce better results”

This critical skills workshop will provide you with powerful tools to help your people make major transitions and improvements in their performance. Forget the arcane hire and fire model of the past. You need to know how to actualize great performance with the people you have.

Hey, No Problem©: “The 8 Essential skills of Team Problem-solving”

If you think problem solving isn’t that important, think again! Great teams have always been great problem-solvers. Teams that find solutions quickly win again and again. Hey, No Problem!© will teach your teams to understand problems as exciting challenges, to create solutions more quickly, and to think and act beyond the traditional group boundaries that lead to mediocrity.

First Try Communications©: “Eliminating costly miscommunications”

Peak Performance’s First Try Communications©, will have your people communicating effectively the first time. We teach teams how to clarify expectations, set direction, hear what’s said, and confirm plans efficiently. Then we practice the skills we teach through a series of innovative simulations and videotaped activities. Start communicating effectively on the First Try!

Can-do Culture: “Skepticism into Confidence: Achieving more than you thought possible”

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right! Research and experience regularly show that people and teams can accomplish more than they think they can. This high-adventure program helps participants see that they can do more, create a vision of what they can accomplish, and create realistic action plans to get there.

Leading as Coaching©: “Coaching Skills for Leaders who Want to Outperform”

Want to have your team members respond to your leadership style as if you were the best coach they’ve ever had? It takes skills and passion that Peak Performance!™ training has mastered. We’ll introduce critical skills of great coaches, review classic case studies, and then train you to lead as a coach.

World Class Customer Service: “Exceed their expectations, and have fun doing it”

This program includes 14 specific skill building modules covering the range of essential customer service skills.

1. Phone Presence
2. The Welcome Experience
3. Clean Environment
4. Body Language
5. Personal Presentation
6. Staff Hygiene
7. Eye contact
8. Using Customers Names
9. Team Communication in Front of Clients
10. Being Proactive
11. Acknowledging Complaints
12. Follow through
13. Hand Holding
14. Going Beyond Necessary

Modules can be taught in one 2-day intensive program, or taught individually and spread out over several weeks. This module will have a dramatic positive effect on the total customer service image of your organization, as well as a profound influence on each participant.

World Class Customer Service utilizes role-play and action learning to make the experience memorable. A perfect step towards creating the “total service environment” found in the Implementing World Class Customer Service module.

Meetings that Really Produce: “Turn meetings into Money Makers”

If you’re tired of status quo weekly meetings or you want to see your meetings go from the dreaded “download meeting” to powerful sessions where innovation and creativity flourish, we can help. If you want to learn how to encourage input and enthusiasm on the part of your meeting attendees, we can help with that too. These high impact-training programs teach leaders, team members, and managers how to design and lead productive meetings.

Integrating Cultures: “Getting cultures and sub-groups singing off the same page”

Bringing two distinct cultures together is complex. We’ll help you negotiate the maze of joining teams together. Why do they do things THAT way? What am I doing that drives them nuts? Why can’t they just use our system? We’ll get beyond these questions and focus on common goals. These programs build bridges of communication and trust between diverse groups—essential foundations of effective working relationships.