Peak Performance conducts family activities.
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Family Activites

Leadership coaching brings out each person's professional best.

Family Camp at Peak Performance engages the entire family -- no one is left out.

Development of leadership qualities is part of our management training.

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Open Enrollment

Leadership Forum: “A leaders club using adventure experiences to build leadership skills”

The Peak Performance!™ Leadership Forum is a community of like-minded individuals who come together to increase their personal and professional effectiveness and achievements. Attendance is by invitation-only, based on the individual’s accomplishments in a prior Peak Performance!™ group program.

The Forum is an intense, two-day retreat that helps participants identify their own “personal best” leadership style, teaches proven group effectiveness techniques, and prepares them to lead team members to greater accomplishments. It begins before the program starts, with leadership and teamwork assessments and pre-program preparation. The retreat itself is fast-paced, highly interactive, and activity-filled. Participants develop personal mission, values, and leadership statements to guide them. They learn building blocks of group effectiveness, practice giving and receiving feedback for continuous improvement, create action plans to optimize their team leadership, and commit to ongoing assessment and development programs.

Participants come home with a “toolbox” full of tried and true tools that they can use with their teams, and receive a complimentary subscription to Teamwork Report™, Peak Performance!™’s monthly electronic resource of tools for success.

To ensure maximum value in their post-retreat lives, participants form a coaching triad to help each other implement the action plans they create during the retreat. Their Leadership Handbook will inform their work. And, Peak Performance!™ facilitators are available to them for follow-up coaching.

Fulfilling Family Relationships: “Enriching families and giving them tools for success”

The first thing that strikes you about Family Camp at Peak Performance!™ is how much fun everyone’s having! In many so-called "family events," analysis suggests that the event is either an adult interest that the kids are dragged to, or a kid interest that parents attend for the benefit of the kids. Not so in Family Camp! These activities, facilitated by caring professionals who become guides, coaches, leaders, and--most of all--friends, engage the whole family. No one is left out, everyone is needed, they all have an important part to play, and they all LOVE it!

Family members are invited to complete a unique challenging non-competitive activity which is completely new to them, and which they’ll have a blast doing. Along the way to success, they have to develop and agree on a plan, execute the plan using all family and team members, and react to unforeseen changes in the exercise. After the exercise, our staff guide family members in analyzing and learning lessons which are important building blocks to higher achievement.

Test Drive Program

Qualified decision-makers from organizations are invited to participate in a “sampler” program that:

  • Shows them the power, effectiveness, and FUN of Experience-Based Training (EBT),
  • Gives them specific tools to use with their teams to improve group effectiveness,
  • Gives them a Team Leader’s Handbook to implement action plans created during the
    program, and
  • Provides first-hand experience with which to advocate for their group’s participation.
These programs last between 2 and 4 hours and are offered at a reduced price to provide maximum value for a minimum time investment. Besides being able to evaluate bringing the power of EBT to their organizations, participants learn valuable performance enhancement techniques and activities they can lead with their teams to introduce them to the fun and effectiveness of Experience-Based Training.