Peak Performance conducts <b>leadership training</b> and <b>leadership development</b> courses.
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Leadership Training and Development

Leadership Training and Development

According to the Harvard Business Review:

“Most leaders get decision-making ALL WRONG!"

"Our research shows that the difference between leaders who make good decision and those who make bad ones is striking… Superior decision making is distressingly difficult to assess in real time. Successful outcomes… can be evaluated only after the fact.”

“Scholars now have considerable evidence showing that a small set of process traits is closely linked with superior outcomes.”

Decision-making is not an event, it’s a process you can learn to improve. The Peak Performance!™ “Getting Decisions Right™” course teaches leadership skills that will help your company excel, even in difficult times.

The "Getting Decisions Right" course will teach your leaders to:

  • Draw out the hidden leadership capacities of all their team members
  • Use six other key components of optimum decision-making to strengthen your team’s effectiveness.
  • Employ what is called the “Three C’s of effective decision-making: conflict, consideration, and closure.”
  • Effectively use the Inquiry Process and avoid the minefield of the Advocacy Process. Harvard Business Review says “…they look deceptively similar on the surface.”
  • Differentiate and use Cognitive Conflict and Affective Conflict for optimum results.
Can you afford to get decision-making “all wrong"? Not these days!

The “Getting Decisions Right™” course
is a hands-on, engaging, highly interactive,
activity-based, and effective leadership training program
that will equip your leadership to move your company in the right direction.

Peak Performance!™ is a performance-enhancement training company. We help people improve the way they think about themselves and work with each other. We get people “singing off the same page”, focused on the same goal, and excited to be working together.

We regularly conduct:

  • Unique, customize leadership training activities -- indoors and outdoors, all year round.
  • Corporate leadership training -- at your place of business or at remote locations.
  • Leadership communication skills training -- to enhance your leaders' effectiveness.

Clients come to us for one of three reasons:

  1. They want an incredible special event like a retreat or outing.
  2. They want us to work with them over some period of time to improve group effectiveness.
  3. They want us to handle their ongoing staff training.
All our services are guaranteed:

If we don't deliver exactly what we promise, your company pays nothing. That's how confident we are that your employees' leadership skill will improve dramatically after participating in our professionally designed programs.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your company's needs.
Call today to discuss how these leadership development programs can help your company reach its goals.

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Below is an overview of the types of leadership training courses we offer. These program would be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

<b>Effective leadership training</b> produces high acheivers in your company.

It takes all-hands-on-deck to <b>develop extraordinary leaders and leadership</b>.

Devoloping <b>leadership skills</b> in your company is an excellent investment.

Services Key
Leadership Training and Leadership Development Programs

Coaching a Team vs. Commanding an Army: “Understanding Effective Coaching”

How do YOU get your teams "singing off the same page" and excited to work together? By modeling good coaching, teaching vital leadership skills, and frequent check-in. Peak Performance!™ facilitators can help perfect your coaching skills. More motivated employees, focused on organizational goals, performing at a high level are the results.

Leading as Coaching: “Coaching Skills for Leaders who Want to Outperform”

Want to have your team members respond to your leadership style as if you were the best coach they’ve ever had? It takes skills and passion that Peak Performance!™ training has mastered. We’ll introduce critical skills of great coaches, review classic case studies, and then train you to lead as a coach.

Optimizing Leadership© Impact: “Ongoing Coaching for Team Leadership

These incredible experiences take you deep into the world of Optimal Leadership© - a highly adaptive form of leadership that addresses the needs of the individual, the circumstance, and the setting in which you find yourself. We’ll teach you how to assess the learning styles and personality differences within your teams. Then we’ll help you establish a long-term leadership style strategy so you can get your teams optimizing the impact they have with your customers and within your organization.

Join our Leadership Forum: “A Leader's Club using Adventure Experiences to Build Leadership Skills”

The Peak Performance!™ Leadership Forum is a community of like-minded individuals who come together to increase their personal and professional effectiveness and achievements. Attendance is by invitation-only, based on the individual’s accomplishments in a prior Peak Performance!™ group program.

The Forum is an intense, two-day retreat that helps participants identify their own "personal best" leadership style, teaches proven group effectiveness techniques, and prepares them to lead team members to greater accomplishments. It begins before the program starts, with leadership and teamwork assessments and pre-program preparation. The retreat itself is fast-paced, highly interactive, and activity-filled. Participants develop personal mission, values, and leadership statements to guide them. They learn building blocks of group effectiveness, practice giving and receiving feedback for continuous improvement, create action plans to optimize their team leadership, and commit to ongoing assessment and development programs.

Participants come home with a "toolbox" full of tried and true tools that they can use with their teams, and receive a complimentary subscription to Teamwork Report™. Peak Performance!™’s monthly electronic resource of tools for success.

To ensure maximum value in their post-retreat lives, participants form a coaching triad to help each other implement the action plans they create during the retreat. Their Leadership Handbook will inform their work. And, Peak Performance!™ facilitators are available to them for follow-up coaching.

Give us a call today to discuss your company's
leadership training and leadership development needs.

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We look forward to hearing from you!